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Our idea is to create architectural design concepts reflecting the clients identity more that the final result is following a certain “ism”. Over the years, we have made it a point to keep our interest in executing local, small-scale projects while expanding our international experience in dealing with multi-national companies.


We can offer a complete design and product package that includes everything from initial concepts ideas and design drawings, to project management, sourcing supply of interior fittings and final complete project delivery.

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We have also made sure to keep our diversity between private and corporate customers, between detailed interior design and large-scale customer movement planning, between personal meetings over a cup of coffee in a client’s home and supervising the construction of a complicated design over a 20 000 km distance by means of telephone and e-mail.


IMG_7926 (2)This means that we have seen our store concepts for international brands being built on five different continents, but also that we have seen people move into their new homes, discover their new gardens, or simply enjoy that new room that transformed their house. Alvestål p1